As a comprehensive solution to solve the problem of white pollution, bioplastics materials can completely replace traditional plastics in almost applications.

AnBio compostable resins have obtained many prestigious international certificates such as DIN CERTCO, REACH, FDA’s Food Contact, etc.

PBAT Resins

PBAT (Polybuthylene co-adipate co-terephthalate) owns special features such as great tensile and tear strength, biodegradability over time and good processability.

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PBS Resins

PBS (Polybuthylene Succinate) can be applied for coating, injection molding and extrusion to produce sheet, film and fiber (fishing net).

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Compound takes many advantages of high impact resistance, durability and flexibility as well as ability to be used for diversified finished products such as mulch film, shopping bag, single-use gloves, 3D printing filament, etc.

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PBST Resins

PBST (Polybutylene succinate-co-terephthalate) can be mainly used for film blowing to produce shopping bags and films. It has high bio-based percentage and low melting index.

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